A brand new Website, a brand new Fintech Newsletter

It’s 2017, and it’s time to make it all new.

I created The Fintech Society to share relevant news about the Fintech to collegues, professionals and geeks alla round the world, and I experimented a lot during this first period.
From a blog with a newsletter on its side to a social news site, and now I’m back on the idea of a single page where you can subscribe to the fintech newsletter, with a blog on its side.

The social news website was a good idea in the beginning, but the level of spam was too high to preserve the quality of the content.
So I decided to come back in the original form and to focus more on the newsletter content.

Also the logo and the newsletter design is all new, what do you think about them?

Welcome in The Fintech Society, make yourself at home. (and subscribe)


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